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In April 2016, the “Yarovaya Law” was introduced in the Russian Parliament. Aiming to increase public safety, it has become one of the most controversial Russian laws of the last decade. Despite its adoption in July 2016, many Russian organizations, both public and private, continue to oppose its implementation, in an ongoing process that has led to some modifications of the initial measures. The opposition has been raised from organizations including the Russian Association of Electronic Communications, the Regional Public Center for Internet Technologies, Yandex, Mail.Ru Group, and others. DR Analytica looks at these developments to explain the law’s impact on the ICT sector in the Russian Federation and its near abroad.

What is the Yarovaya Law?

The two bills, which became known as the “Yarovaya Law”, consist of:

  1. The Federal Law No. 374-FZ, “On Amendments to the Federal Law “On Combating Terrorism” and Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation to establish additional measures to counter terrorism and ensure public safety”; and
  2. The Federal Law No. 375-FZ, “On amendments to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation with regard to establishing additional measures to counter terrorism and ensure public security”.

The first bill supplemented the Criminal Code of Russia with three new offenses:

  • Failing to report a terrorist crime;
  • Promoting extremist activity; and
  • Commissioning an act of international terrorism.

The second bill compels telecommunications operators to store subscriber calls and messages, and related data for a period determined by the Government of the Russian Federation (but no more than 6 months) in accordance with Article 64 of the Federal Law “On Communications”, and to store data related to receiving, transmitting, delivering, and processing messages and calls for three years.

The full report covers Implementation and Effects of the Yarovaya Law and its Regional Impact, as well as provides the more detailed data about the Expert Review and Grading of the “Yarovaya law” from DR Analytica’s 2016 ICT Index the “Cost of Freedom and Security.

You can read the full report on DR Analytica

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