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The 11th International conference for ccTLD registries and registrars of CIS, Central and Eastern Europe (TLDCON 2018) will be held on September 12 and 13 at the Baltic Beach Hotel & SPA in Jurmala, Latvia.

This year the conference will focus on information security, relations between the new and old domain zones, the secondary domain market as well as new technologies in DNS. The list of participants contains many professionals, such as John Crain and Alexandra Kulikova (ICANN), Dejan Dukic (RNIDS), Aleksander Zhuk (Hoster.by) and Anna Karakhanyan (ISOC          Armenia).

The agenda of the two-day long conference incudes a plenary meeting and five sessions. The speakers are experts of the domain industry, the heads of companies working on the domain market and technical experts. For example, registry experts from the CIS, Europe and international organizations, as well as information security professionals will take part in the first session of the conference titled Security: Domain Name vs Content to discuss working with domain names that are used for malicious purposes. They will also talk about modern data analysis and forecasting methods, which allow determining the purpose of domain names even before they are actually used.

Lawyers specializing in the regulation of the domain market will attend Session 2: Legal Issues of Domain Name Registration. Delegates from different registries and countries will exchange expertise on how to settle domain conflicts and will speak about their methods of working with personal data and law enforcement authorities.

The last session on the first day of the conference, Second Wind of ccTLDs, will be devoted to the current operations of national registries. Country code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs) enjoyed priority in their countries for a long time, but the situation changed with the launching of a new TLD program several years ago. Competition soared, and national registries had to rethink their role on the market and interaction with users. Those taking part in that session will discuss possible ways to win the buyers’ trust, the possibility of regaining their dominant positions, and the role of country domain extensions in this age of domain affluence.

The second day of the conference will begin with Session 4: New technologies in DNS, where technical experts, the heads of companies that constitute the backbone of the internet infrastructure, as well as delegates from international organizations will discuss the latest technological achievements in domain administration and the new spheres of DNS usage, such as block chains, the Internet of Things and authentication of digital objects.

To wind up everything, the conference participants will be invited to Section 5: Who is Welcome to the Registrars Club? The registries and registrars will share their innermost secrets and positive and negative experience and discuss various registrar operating models as well as operating conditions in various country and general TLDs.

The conference has been organized by the Coordination Center for TLD RU/РФ in partnership with the Technical Center of Internet and with support of ICANN and Latvia’s top level domain registry NIC.LV.

The media partners of TLDCON 2018 – D-Russia.ru, ComNews.ru, The Baltic Course, The Baltic Times, Baltic Review, ГРАНИ.lv and Digital.Report.

For free attendance to the conference, please register at http://tldcon.ru/reg/

For information on booking hotel rooms, go to http://tldcon.ru/place/?p=booking

Special room prices are available until August 11, 2018.

We look forward to seeing you at TLDCON 2018 in Jurmala, Latvia, on September 12 and 13.



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