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Rostelecom To Receive Two Billion Rubles to Improve E-Governance in Russia

«Ростелеком» просит деньги на электронное правительство

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The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media and Rostelecom have signed a contract for the maintenance and development of the main Russian e-government for 2.035 billion rubles. According to a source in Rostelecom, the government portal already offers more than 100 thousand services to the public but more can be done.

Russian telecom company Rostelecom is to obtain 2 billion rubles from the Ministry of Communications of Russia for the maintenance and development of e-government services. The project aims to provide citizens and organizations of the country with access to public services and information about the structure and functions of government offices and institutions.

The quality of the services provided must improve and the e-government platform itself will have to be updated. The contract includes adding sections agreed upon in 2014: primarily the Federal State Information System for Pretrial Appeals, the subsystem Monitoring of Public Offices Data Transfer Network, as well as other information systems.

The contract also requires Rostelecom to provide services to the Joint Data Transfer Network (JDTN). JDTN is the system that provides federal executive bodies access to regional and municipal data and allows the delivery of data from the Federal offices to the joint telecom infrastructure.

Russia’s e-government platform is now available at and is receiving more users. The number of authorized users of this portal doubled in 2014 to 13 million accounts. Over 72.5 million people visited the site, of whom some 17 million used services available.

Representatives of Rostelecom Press-Service told Digital Report about the portal, the benefits of e-government and plans for developments:

The portal is already five years old and it presently displays more than 100,000 various public services. All of those are in various degree of demand. The government has decided that priority services (i.e. those which are applicable to over 80% of citizens) would be modernized and become more useful for users.

An integral part of Rostelecom’s contract for 2015 is to improve the user experience of the website and mobile applications (not to be confused with the quality of the public services themselves). In order to achieve this, a set of measures will be laid out. Starting from this year we incorporating the user-submitted feedback from the e-government call centre. That is, ministry officials and Rostelecom will take user feedback into account to improve portal usability. Currently we are modernizing the development team to increase digital competence. We are also running feedback sessions with users to evaluate the portal’s ease of use and convenience.

As for the interest of users towards this resource, it absolutely exists. Ever year we see increases in the number of users. Last year, for example, the number of users doubled.

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